We welcome new entrants to Year 7 every year. This year we have 96 in the year group, in four tutor groups with 24 students in each.
The deadline for application for the entrance exam is the end of October of your daughter's Year 6 (i.e. 31 October 2018 for 2019 entry.)
Entry into Year 7

Examinations are held early in January for entry the following September and consist of papers in English and Mathematics. These are set by the school and take place on a Saturday morning. Girls do not need to wear school uniform. 

The Entrance Examination for Year 7 entry in September 2019 will take place on Saturday 12 January 2019.

Entry into Year 9 (Deferred)

We offer pupils from schools where they have to leave at age 13 (the end of Year 8) the opportunity to sit the assessment with their peer group, but opt for a deferred place to be held over until Year 9 (“Year 9 Deferred Entry”). This offers the advantage of being able to plan for the next academic step in advance.

The usual deadlines apply for this examination i.e. Year 7 application deadlines, whilst your daughter is in her current Year 6. Parents must state, before the exam, the year group for which they are applying. This enables us to offer an appropriate number of places for each year. This does, however, mean that the decision of year group and year of entry for your daughter cannot be changed after the examination date.

The Entrance Examination for Year 9 Deferred entry in September 2021 will also take place on Saturday 12 January 2019.

Entry into other years

Due to our Surrey location and close proximity to the London rail network, families sometimes relocate out of, and into, the area, so occasional vacancies in other years may exist.

Please contact Admissions to ascertain availability and a link to the appropriate registration form will be sent to you.

Entrance Examinations for entry into other years take place at the School's discretion.

Overseas Applicants
We are happy to accept applications from overseas students prior to their arrival in the UK and to arrange assessment at their current school. However, we are not accredited to sponsor overseas students under the UKBA's Tier 4 programme.