Rowing at SWPSBC

J12 (YEAR 7)
Rowing during Year 7 takes the form of the ‘Ready to Row’ sessions. This is a once a week before school Strength and Conditioning session where girls will learn basic movement patterns required to be a good rower and develop their core stability. Year 7s will also partake in a block of indoor rowing during P.E lessons.
J13 (YEAR 8)
Rowers in Year 8 continue with the ‘Ready to Row’ sessions, with the aim of progressing towards the SWPSBC Learn to Row Camp in July. This will take place over three days, where they will be introduced to the Boathouse and begin learning to row on the water.
J14 (YEAR 9)
The emphasis of the J14 year is to develop good water technique and instil an understanding of the sport of rowing, with a view to their long term development. Rowers will also learn the basics of indoor rowing as well as Strength and Conditioning to supplement their ability on the water. The rowers will scull in: 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x. The culmination of the year is racing at the National Schools’ Regatta in May and local regattas through to the end of June.
J15 (YEAR 10)
In their second year of Rowing, sculling is still very much the priority discipline but some sweep oar rowing is gradually introduced. The training programme is still extremely skill based, but rowers will also learn how to ‘train’ throughout the season. The squad ethos during this year becomes a more competitive environment, with rowers aiming to compete at National Schools Regatta in May and British Junior Rowing Championships in July. 
J16 (YEAR 11)
The J16 squad is a time of transition between the J15 and Senior Squad. The J16 squad generally train alongside the Senior group, although the training programme gradually builds throughout the year to develop their ability to cope with the increased levels of competition standard. The National Schools Regatta is still very much the priority, but in their J16 year there is also the opportunity to race at Henley Womens Regatta and attend Great Britain trials for the GB vs France match.
Senior Squad (SIXTH FORM)
The number one priority of the Senior Squad is to produce a school 1st Quad that is competitive at Henley Royal Regatta alongside producing crews that race at Championship standard in The National Schools Regatta. There is no performance criteria to be a part of the squad, just an expectation of commitment and an aspiration to be the best you can be.
We are proud that Sir William Perkins’ School produces rowers who go on to represent Great Britain and England at International level competitions, with the following pathways available to rowers that meet the performance criteria:
  • Home Countries International
  • Coupe de la Jeunesse
  • Junior World Championships