Staff List

Autumn Term 2019                                    

Senior Leadership Team
Mr C C Muller BA - Head, Classics
Mrs S Husselbury BSc MEd H.DipEd CBiol MRSB - Senior Deputy Head, Biology
Mrs G Chapman LLM LLB FCA - School Business Director
Ms T Hanley BA MA PGCE - Academic Deputy Head, English
Mrs H O'Connor BA PGCE - Pastoral Deputy Head, Religious Studies, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms J Bowden BA MA PGCE MBA - Senior Teacher, Religious Studies
Teaching Staff
Mrs S Abbes-Muslia MA PGCE - Head of Spanish (Maternity)
Ms C Abela BSc MSc QTS - 2nd i/c Biology
Mr C Alexander MMath PGCE - Mathematics & Computer Science Teacher, Digital Champion
Mrs L Arden BA PGCE - Head of Religious Studies, Classics Teacher
Mrs S Bank BA PGCE - English Teacher
Miss J Blackman BA QTS - Head of Technology
Mrs C Bodkin BSc QTS - Chemistry Teacher, Head of Pankhurst House
Miss A Bittner - German Language Assistant
Mr K Bonhomme - French Language Assistant
Mrs S Bolton BA PGCE - 2nd i/c English
Miss R Boyce BSc PGCE MEP - Mathematics Teacher, Timetabling & Options
Mrs J Boyes BSc MSc PGCE - Chemistry Teacher, Digital Champion (Maternity Leave)
Mrs C Briggs BA MA PGCE - Specialist Teacher
Miss J Brown BSc - Biology & Chemistry Teacher
Miss H Burdett BA PGCE QTS - Religious Studies, History & English Teacher
Miss G Carcione BA PGCE - Drama & English Teacher
Mrs K Chowdhury BA PGCE - English & EAL Teacher
Mrs C Cooper BA PGCE - Head of French
Mr M Dodd BA PGCE QTS - Geography Teacher, Digital Champion
Miss R England BA PGCE - PE & History Teacher
Miss K Essex BSc PGCE QTS - Chemistry & Biology Teacher
Miss J Farmer BSc - Sports Science/PE & Biology Teacher, Head of Quant House, Digital Champion, Rowing Coach
Mrs K Ferris BA MA PGCE - Art Teacher
Mrs D Fowkes BA - Spanish, German & French Teacher
Ms A Gomez BA PGCE - Head of German
Mrs L Haley BSc PGCE - Head of Business Studies & Careers, Young Enterprise
Mrs J Hamilton MA PGCE - French & German Teacher
Miss U Haring BA MA - Artist in Residence
Dr I Harris BSc MSc PhD PGCE - Head of Psychology
Mrs S Hay DipHE QTS DipSEN - Learning Support Co-ordinator
Miss E Holmes BA PGCE QTS - Mathematics Teacher
Mr D Hubbard BA QTS - Mathematics Teacher
Miss C Hudspith BA PGCE - Classics Teacher, Head of Lonsdale House
Mr S Jones BA PGCE - History & Politics Teacher
Mrs S Keeling BA PGCE - Technology Teacher
Ms K Koegler BA MA QTS - German Teacher
Miss M Law BSc PGCE - Director of Sport
Mrs R Lawrence BA PGCE - English Teacher & EPQ Co-ordinator
Mrs G Leese MSc PGCE - Mathematics Teacher
Mrs L Lewis MChem QTS - Head of Chemistry
Mr G Limburn MSc - Chemistry & Physics Teacher
Mrs H Major BEng MSc PGCE - Head of Year 11, Second in Mathematics
Dr C Masri BSc PGCE - Head of Biology
Ms E McQuillan B(Des) - Technology Teacher
Dr N Mercer BA MA PGCE - Head of English
Miss H Mitchell MA QTS - Head of Mathematics
Mr J Montgomery BSc MA PGCE - Head of Year 10, Head of Economics & Politics, Young Enterprise, Mindfulness
Mr Z Moss BEng - Computer Science Teacher
Miss H Muxworthy BA MA PGCE - Art Teacher
Mrs L Nichols PGCE MA - Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Pedraza - Spanish Language Assistant
Mrs S Pearson MA PGCE - French & Italian Teacher
Mr I Peel MA PGCE - Head of Classics, Director of Academic Ambition
Mrs G Penfold-Ward MA MSc PGCE - English Teacher
Ms A Quinn BA PGCE - Classics Teacher
Miss H Roberts BA MA - English Teacher
Mr I Russell MA PGCE - Head of Art & Design, School Magazine
Mrs T Scrutton BA LGSM PGCE - Director of Music
Miss C Sear BSc PGCE - Head of Geography
Dr H Shaw BSc PhD PGCE QTS - Chemistry & Biology Teacher
Mrs A Stebbings BA PGCE - Head of Year 7, French Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs R Sumeray BEng PGDipEd QTS - Head of Physics, Engineering
Mrs S Sweeney BA PGCE - Head of Drama
Mrs F Synge BA PGCE - Head of Sixth Form, History Teacher
Mrs M Taylor BA PGCE - Geography Teacher
Mrs P Tham-Williams BMus PGDip Master of Teaching - Head of Year 8, Music, Head of Montagu House, i/c Mandarin
Mrs F Thomas BSc QTS - Physics, Computer Science Teacher, Digital Champion
Mrs G Thomas  - Learning Support Assistant
Mr A Tilling BSc MA QTS - Physics Teacher,  Data Manager, Ghana & International Trips Co-ordinator
Mrs L Timpson BSc QTS - Head of Computer Science & Digital Strategy
Mrs V Tommasi BA PGCE - Head of Spanish (Maternity Leave)
Mrs T Tyler BA QTS - Head of Year 9, Head of PSHCE, PE Teacher
Mr R Willis MA PGCE - Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Head of History
Mrs C Worman BA PGCE - Religious Studies & English Teacher
Support Staff
Miss R Arnold BSc Level 2 Rowing - Elite Rowing Coach
Mr C Boddy  - Assistant Head of Rowing
Mrs A Bolland  - Finance Manager
Ms M Braakhuis  - SIMS Manager
Mrs L Brown  - PA to Academic Deputy Head and Senior Teacher
Mr A Byrne  - Site Supervisor
Mr C Chahal  - Site Supervisor
Mr A Chetwood  - Administrator
Miss A Cobb - Hockey Coach
Miss L Coles  - After School Prep Supervisor, Invigilator
Miss C Conquest BA - Performing Arts Co-ordinator
Miss T Cormack BSc - Student Wellbeing & Support Officer
Mrs K Davis  - Pastoral & Wellbeing Room Co-ordinator
Mrs C Desai  - Head's PA & Office Manager
Miss H Foxley BSc - Graduate Assistant responsible for Netball
Mr O Hallsworth DipHE Cert(Comp) ACIM MCIPR CIIC - Digital Communications Manager
Mrs J Holloway HND - Senior Science Technician
Mr J Jackson Level 2 Rowing - Boatperson and Rowing Coach
Mr J Keir BA PGCE - Head of Rowing
Mrs G Loates  - Examinations Officer
Mrs J Mann BSc - Science Technician
Mr S McGachie  - Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Manager
Mr C Moth NPTC Level 2 Horticulture - Site Supervisor
Mr A Mulchrone  - Science Technician
Miss A Murray F.Inst.Pa - Senior Deputy Head's PA, Calendar Events Co-ordinator
Mr S O'Connell Level 2 England Hockey Coach - Elite Hockey Coach
Mrs J Parker  - Receptionist / Administrator
Mrs A Revell  - School Business Director's PA
Mrs K Rowland  - Cover Co-ordinator
Mrs E Schofield  - Administrator
Miss E Sevenoaks BA - Art & Design Technician
Mr A Sivyer  - Estate and Facilities Manager
Mrs D Smith BA - Administrator, Invigilator
Ms S Thairs MA MBA - After School Prep Supervisor, Senior Invigilator
Ms R Tocknell BSc - Head of Admissions
Mrs M Vidgen MA - Librarian
Miss L Wax - Rowing Coach
Mr H Walker  - Technology Technician
Mrs H Wood BA MCIPD - HR Manager
Mrs R Young BSc - Head of Co-Curriculum (Sport and Events)
Mrs G Almond  - Invigilator
Dr S Bennett BSc, MSc, PhD - Invigilator
Mrs R Davies Brand  - Invigilator
Mrs J Fudge  - Invigilator
Mrs D Hogan  - Senior Invigilator
Mrs J Jones  - Senior Invigilator
Mrs M Kordestani  - Invigilator
Ms A Lees  - Invigilator & DoE Volunteer
Ms J Lloyd  - Invigilator
Mrs S Maiden BA - Invigilator
Mrs S Mills BSc - Invigilator
Mr C Newell LLB - Invigilator
Mrs M Owen  - Invigilator
Mrs D Payne Level 3 Gymnastics - Senior Invigilator & Peripatetic Gymnastics Coach
Mrs F Sandiford Cert Ed (Music) - Invigilator
Mrs L Templeman  - Senior Invigilator
Mrs S Yorke BA MCIPS - Invigilator
Peripatetic Curriculum Staff
Mrs K Cochrane BA PGCE AMBDA APC - Specialist Assessor (SEN)
Mrs Y Fu  - Peripatetic Teacher of Mandarin
Mrs E Hardy  - Peripatetic SRE - PSHCE Teacher
Mrs B Middleton BSc PGCE - Peripatetic Maths Teacher
Peripatetic Music Staff
Miss J Aherne  - Peripatetic Piano Teacher
Miss H Barker Bmus DipAdvPerf - Peripatetic Oboe Teacher
Mr D Beaman  - Peripatetic Guitar Teacher
Dr A Bebbington Phd - Lead for Chamber Choir and Singing
Mrs J Clark  - Peripatetic Flute Teacher
Mr C Cuttriss - Peripatetic Accompanying Pianist
Mr P Dodge  - Peripetetic Brass Teacher
Mrs C Findlater - Peripatetic Flute Teacher (Cover)
Mr D McGibbon  - Peripatetic Singing & Piano Teacher
Mrs O McGibbon  - Peripatetic Singing Teacher
Mrs V Mitchell  - Peripatetic Cello Teacher
Mr C Rickards BA Mus Ed - Peripatetic Clarinet & Saxophone Teacher
Mrs E Rockhill Bmus, Post Grad Dip Perc, LRAM - Peripatetic Percussion & Violin Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Ms E So  BMus Peripatetic Percussion Teacher (Maternity)
Mr L Suvini  - Peripatetic Violin Teacher
Mrs C Townsend  - Peripatetic Strings Group
Mr R Woolley  - Peripatetic Piano Teacher
Peripatetic Speech and Drama Staff
Miss A Downey - Peripatetic Speech & Drama Teacher
Miss S Geeves - Peripatetic Speech & Drama Teacher
Miss J Robbings - Peripatetic Performing Arts Technician
Peripatetic Sports Coaches
Mr R Burns BA LTA Level 4 - Peripatetic Tennis Coach
Miss B Daniels - Volunteer Rowing Coach
Mrs J Dunlop BEd - Peripatetic PE Teacher
Miss R Edwards BA - Peripatetic Rowing Coach
Miss C Greves BA QTS - Peripatetic Rowing Coach
Mr A Joel  - Peripatetic Rowing Coach
Miss M Pearce Level 3 Pilates, Level 2 Fitness Instructing - Peripatetic Pilates & Fitness Class Instructor
Miss L Primmer MSc Level 2 Rowing RYA Level 2 Powerboat - Peripatetic Rowing Coach
Miss R Rowe BSc PGCE - Peripatetic PE Teacher
Mr S Scrimgeour MEng - Peripatetic Rowing Coach/Trailer Driver
Mr L Sloan - Peripatetic Rowing Coach
Mr P Tackney Level 2 Rowing - Peripatetic Strength & Conditioning Coach / Rowing Coach
Peripatetic Support Staff
Mrs E Bale BSc MSc - Peripatetic School Counsellor
Mrs F Blyther MA - Peripatetic School Counsellor
Mrs M Bradbury  - Freelance Alumnae Events Officer
Mrs L Bryant-Jones BA - Peripatetic School Counsellor
Mrs L Green - Peripatetic School Counsellor
Mr D Tinney  - Data Privacy & IT Security Consultant

As at 21.11..19