School Coach Service

The school currently operates Coach services originating from the Camberley, Cobham, Egham, Twickenham, Upper Halliford/Shepperton, West Molesey, Windsor and Woking areas.

The return journeys commence at 5.00 p.m. on Monday to Thursday to allow students to join in with co-curricular activities after school or with our supervised prep session, and 3.10 p.m. on Fridays.

School Coach Routes Schedule


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School Coach Service 2019

Complete this form to register for a place on one of our School Coach Services.

Upon completion, this form will direct you to our secure online payment system where you can pay the Coach Service deposit of £50.



    1. Basis of the offer and acceptance of a place on the School Bus. The offer of a place on the school bus, and its acceptance, are given on the basis that:
    a. Parents/carers and students agree to accept and abide by the following standard terms and conditions for the use of the bus which are intended in good faith to provide a reliable, viable, safe bus service to and from school each day. They are also intended to protect parents/carers from unnecessary fare increases and liabilities caused by the default of others. Any waiver is effective only if given in writing by the School Business Director on behalf of the Governors.
    b. The Governors, on behalf of the School, reserve the right to suspend, request the removal of, or remove any student from the bus at their discretion in accordance with the School’s procedures, copies of which are available on request.

    2. Allocation of Places
    a. Places on the School bus will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis on receipt of the completed Terms and Conditions form and payment of the deposit, until all the places have been allocated. Thereafter details of applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
    b. Precedence will be given to siblings, over those on the waiting list, and then to those with the longest journey amongst those on the waiting list.

    3. Payment of the Deposit and Fares
    a. Deposit: A £50 deposit is payable by parents/carers requesting a place for their child on the bus. If a vacancy is available on the bus the deposit will be retained by the School and refunded when the student stops using the bus. If a vacancy is not available on the bus the deposit will be refunded by the School and the student’s name placed on the waiting list.
    b. Fares: Fares will be reviewed and notified by the School on behalf of the Governors from time to time, and a term’s notice will be given of any change, other than in exceptional circumstances. The fare for the term will be a standard charge for each seat on the bus, regardless of where the student gets on and off the bus, and normally no discount will be allowed for one way journeys or days when the student does not travel on the bus. The fare will be included in advance in the fee bill for the term and parents/carers are responsible for paying the fare, with the school fees, by the first day of term.
    c. Fares in Lieu of notice: In the event of a withdrawal of a student without the notice required in clause 5a the full fare will be due for the term of notice at the rate that would have applied had the student attended. This is to enable the School to plan its finances in advance and to commit to the Coach companies ahead of time. This clause applies from the confirmation of the allocation of a place, whether or not the place can be filled by another student. The fare in lieu of notice will not be payable in the event of a removal of a student at the request of the Governors, or expulsion from the School.
    d. Unpaid Fares:
    i. All administration and legal costs incurred by the School relating to a student’s use of a bus will be charged to the parents/carers in relation to the fares and fares in lieu of notice that are unpaid by the due date. Such charges, which may be varied from time to time, will be recoverable by action if necessary.
    ii. A student may be excluded from the bus at any time when the fare is unpaid, and will be deemed withdrawn without notice if the fare is not paid in full 28 days after exclusion. A term’s fare in lieu of notice will then be payable in addition to the fare outstanding.
    e. Refund of Deposit and Fares: Neither the deposit nor the fare will be refunded or waived for absence through sickness, or if a term is shortened or a vacation extended for reasons outside the School’s control, or if a student chooses or parents/carers arrange for the student to go home before the normal end of the day or term, or if the student is suspended or expelled; or for any other cause except on the sole discretion of the School Business Director.

    4. Health and Safety
    a. Parents/carers are responsible for the safety of their child until she gets onto the bus in the morning, and when she gets off it in the evening, even if the bus is delayed. Parents/carers must therefore make the necessary arrangement for their child’s safety if the bus is delayed, or if she misses the bus, or the person collecting her from the bus is delayed.
    b. The bus company is responsible for safety of the students whilst they are on the bus, but parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that their child understands and abides by the safety code for travelling on the bus, attached as Appendix 1. Parents/carers who have any concern as to a matter of safety or care of their child whilst on the bus should inform the School Business Director, without delay.
    c. The School does not register students on to the school buses nor does it provide any supervision of the students whilst on the bus, and is unable to accept any responsibility for accidental injury to students or loss of their property whilst on the bus.

    5. Definitions & Interpretations
    a. Notice: Notice of withdrawal of a student from the school bus must be given one full term in advance. Notice means (unless the contrary is stated in these terms and conditions) a term’s written notice addressed and actually received by the Head, or sent to the Head by recorded delivery posted to the School address, so as to be received by the Head prior to the first day of the term prior to the term to which the notice relates.
    b. Other Definitions: All other definitions and interpretations are contained in the School’s current Standard Terms and Conditions for Admissions of Students and Payment of Fees.

    I/We have read and accept the Standard Terms and Conditions attached, and we accept the offer of a place on the school bus named above under these terms and conditions. This acceptance will not be withdrawn or cancelled without a term’s fees paid in lieu, and payment for the Acceptance Deposit in accordance with these terms and conditions has been made.

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  • Code of Conduct for the Students on the School Bus

    1. You are only entitled to travel on the bus if your name is on the list of allocated passengers, and you have been issued with a valid bus pass, both of which are produced by the Bursary. The driver carries a copy of the allocated passenger list and is authorised to check your entitlement to travel by asking to see your bus pass, or by asking your name. He is also authorised to refuse to allow you to travel on the bus if you are not entitled to do so.

    2. You should not request the driver to wait for you because you are running late. The bus cannot wait for you, it must depart on time.

    3. If you miss your bus, or it is delayed, or the person meeting you at the bus stop is delayed, you should follow the instructions given by your parents/carers for these circumstances.

    4. You should be at your stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time ready to board the bus. Waiting in cars until the bus arrives may cause delays and parked cars may cause congestion.

    5. You should have your bus pass ready, and show it to the driver, when you get onto the bus. If you do not do so the driver is authorised to ask to see your pass, and to record your name. If you refuse to show your pass or give your name, or if you give a false name, the driver is authorised to refuse to allow you to travel on the bus.

    6. If you lose your pass you should report the loss to the School Business Director’s PA without delay, and a new pass will be issued for a small fee. In the meantime you will be allowed to travel on the bus provided your name is on the allocated passenger list.

    7. Once the driver is satisfied that you are entitled to travel on the bus you should find a seat, sit down without delay and stay seated facing forward, with seatbelt fastened. This is a legal requirement. Students not using their seatbelts may have their names taken by the driver and may be reported to the School. Repeat offenders may be suspended from the bus. Reclining seats should be maintained in the upright position, out of consideration for others.

    8. All students should take care when approaching coaches. Best practice is to approach the coach on the nearside pavement and alight the coach if it safe to do so

    9. You should stow your bag safely so that it will not fall on others or prevent safe movement in the aisle, and you should not delay or prevent others from sitting down in a vacant seat.

    10. You should allow others disembarking before you to do so without delay, and you should anticipate arrival at your stop and disembark promptly.

    11. You may only embark and disembark at a scheduled stop on the route, and you may not ask the driver to make any unscheduled stop except in an emergency.

    12. Flashing torches inside the coach whilst it is on the move is distracting for the driver, and dangerous. You should not turn on your torch until you disembark.

    13. Noisy and disruptive use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment, walking about the bus, or talking to or otherwise distracting the driver, whilst the bus is in motion is also dangerous and not permitted. Smoking, eating, drinking, damaging the bus and any other misbehaviour on the bus is also not permitted and may lead to your exclusion from it.

    14. You should obey reasonable instructions given by the driver at all times. If the driver is incapacitated, you should obey the instructions given by the senior student on the bus until an adult arrives on the scene.

    15. NEVER run out from behind the bus to cross the road. Always take care to check the traffic in each direction before crossing. Students should avoid walking between the coach and other vehicles just in case one of the vehicles starts to move.

    Please ensure that you make the necessary arrangements required under Clause 4, ensure that your child understands the Code of Conduct below and give her the instructions she needs in accordance with that Code.

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